Malware used to plant evidence in activist Rona Wilsons laptop: WaPo
February 10, 2021  19:20
Rona Wilson
Rona Wilson
'Key evidence against a group of Indian activists accused of plotting to overthrow the government was planted on a laptop seized by police, a new forensics report concludes, deepening doubts about a case viewed as a test of the rule of law under Prime Minister Narendra Modi,' report Niha Masih and Joanna Slater in the Washington Post

'An attacker used malware to infiltrate a laptop belonging to one of the activists, Rona Wilson, before his arrest and deposited at least 10 incriminating letters on the computer, according to a report from Arsenal Consulting, a Massachusetts-based digital forensics firm that examined an electronic copy of the laptop at the request of Wilson's lawyers,' they write. 

'Arsenal's report on the Indian case does not identify the perpetrator of the cyberattack. The analysis, which has not been previously reported, was reviewed by The Washington Post. Three outside experts who reviewed the document at The Post's request said the report's conclusions were valid,' Masih and Slater report, here.
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