With safety measures in place, gyms re-open in Delhi
September 16, 2020  10:11
Gymnasiums in the national capital started reopening for their patrons on September 14th, five months after they were closed, following the outbreak of COVID-19 and measures taken by the government to curb its spread.

While speaking to ANI, Udit, a trainer at Funkfit gym in Delhi said that all safety measures are in place at the gym and precautions are being taken to prevent any spread of the disease. 

He added that the customers are provided hand sanitisers when they enter the gym after which their temperatures are checked using thermal scanners.

"We open the gym at 5.30 am and as soon as a client comes in, we give them sanitiser and check their temperature, only then they are allowed in. We're not allowing more than eight people on the floor in an hour. After every 2 to 2.5 hours, there is a break when all equipment is sanitised and gym is cleaned. Gyms were closed for a long time so we were facing problems. The charges are a little high now," he said.
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