Why play victim card on & on: Urmila to Kangana
September 16, 2020  23:15
Kangana Ranaut should come out with all her issues once and for all, instead of going on and on, said actor Urmila Matondkar on Wednesday. 

She said if Kangana Ranaut has issues with the film industry, she should come out with it, find a solution and clean the dirt in the film industry.

Urmila Matondkar was speaking to India Today TV's Executive Editor Rajdeep Sardesai for an exclusive interview on the issues and allegations that Kangana Ranaut has been levelling off late.

"You have to decide do you want to constantly play the victim card non-stopsay main toh victim hun, victim hun, victim hun," Urmila asked.

"Everything that you have got today, the name, the fame and the money is all thanks to Mumbai and the film industry. Why is it that you have not spoken in the last so many years and are speaking about all this only in the last couple of months? The timing seems funny. Everything seems going a bit berserk," she said.
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