Understand chronology: Rahul's latest jibe at govt over China
September 16, 2020  18:27
Rahul Gandhi may not be in the country as Parliament takes place but the Congress MP has continued his attacks on the Narendra Modi government over the India-China border stand-off.

Gandhi, who accompanied his mother Sonia Gandhi as she flew out last week for a medical check-up, tweeted: "Aap chronology samajhiye (Please understand the chronology)" and claimed that days before PM Modi said China had not crossed into Indian territory, the government "took a huge loan from a China-based bank".

The tweet doubled as a swipe at Home Minister Amit Shah, who used the same phrase last year about the controversial CAA and NRC programmes.

"Aap chronology samajhiye (Please understand the chronology). PM said no one entered the border... Then took a huge loan from China-based bank... Then defence minister said China had encroached ... Now Minister of State for Home said no encroachment," Mr Gandhi tweeted.

"Is Modi government with Indian Army or China? Modiji, why so scared?" he asked.
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