Google not ready for employees to work from home full-time
May 23, 2020  19:28
While many tech companies have been considering letting employees work from home for as long as they want or at least till the end of the year, Google CEO Sundar Pichai feels that a full-time work from home situation is not feasible for the company.

According to Pichai, Google will always need a human element and thus the company will have to figure out how to handle the current situation well.

In an interview with Wired, Pichai talked about the work from home situation extensively, mentioning that it was something Google has had to adapt to.

Once we realised this was going to be bigger than any of us imagined, two quick thoughts: First, how do we keep our employees safe? So as early as we possibly could, we had to move the company to a distributed, global, work from home model. Second, in some ways Google and Alphabet were built for this moment. We are here to provide people information, help them in moments where they need help. So we realised it was important to step up our products and services but also the help we can give to communities and institutions, he said.

Pichai expects Google to adapt, for sure, but for him, there is still value in traditional, face-to-face environments.

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