Not received Cong MLA's resignation: Kamal Nath
March 05, 2020  23:44
Madhya Pradesh chief minister Kamal Nath on Thursday said he has got news reports that Congress MLA Hardeep Singh Dang has resigned, but has not yet received any formal communication in this regard from him.
Dang's purported resignation letter is making rounds on social media and efforts to contact him for confirmation proved futile.
According to Congress sources, Dang is among four MLAs allegedly taken away by the Bharatiya Janata Party to Bengaluru. 

However, the BJP has denied the Congress charge of poaching its MLAs.
"Hardeep Singh Dang is an MLA of our party. I have received news reports about his resignation. However, till now I have not received any letter in this regard or held discussion with him or personally met him.
"Till I speak to him in this regard, it is not proper to say anything further," Nath was quoted as saying in a statement issued by his media coordinator Narendra Saluja.
Assembly Speaker N P Prajapati, too, said he has not received any resignation letter from Dang, the MLA from Suvasra in Mandsaur district.
I have received news of Hardeep Singh Dangs resignation. He has not handed over the resignation letter in person to me.
"Whenever he will do so personally, I will consider it as per the rules and take necessary action," Prajapati said.

In his purported resignation letter, Dang has alleged he is feeling neglected since the last 14 months and no minister is ready to do work related to his constituency.
The letter, dated March 5, is addressed to the Assembly Speaker.
The people of Suvasra have elected him twice. Fourteen months have passed and I have been neglected. No minister is ready to work.
"Middlemen and corrupt persons are sitting in the government. I have to make many rounds of Bhopal for peoples minor works, but nothing happens," the letter said.
"I am the only (Congress) MLA from the Ujjain division and from the Mandsaur parliamentary constituency, but neither I have been made a minister nor any development work is taking place in my area," it further said.
Reacting to the development, state BJP president V D Sharma said, "Not only public, but even Congress MLAs are suffering under the Kamal Nath government.
"MLA Hardeep Singh Dang has resigned because he was not able to get common people's work done by this government which is sunk deep into corruption."
The Congress has alleged that in order to topple the 14-month-old Nath government, the BJP has "abducted" MLAs of the ruling party and its allies. -- PTI
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