Don't panic about coronavirus: WHO to India
March 05, 2020  08:42
The World Health Organisation has said that Indians don't need to panic about the outbreak of Covid-19 coronavirus. 

Dr Rodrico Ofrin, Regional Emergencies Director, WHO, said there is no need to panic, as cases tested positive in India were because of travelling abroad, citizens' caught the virus on foreign land.

With 28 coronavirus cases in India, many Indians are worried a lot. Should Indians panic?

Answering the question, Dr Rodrico Ofrin said, "There is no need to panic, the need of the hour is to get more trained doctors and nurses to treat the infected. We know India has come up with many centres, that's the way to go about it. Hospitals have isolation wards, those need to be activated as soon as possible."

Speaking about what the citizens can do, he added, "As an Indian citizen you need to maintain basic hygiene like washing one's hands often, covering ones mouth while sneezing, if you feel sick rush to a doctor as soon as possible."

However, Dr Rodrico Ofrin cautioned the old and the very young, that's the age group which is most susceptible to the virus. He added that extreme caution should be taken by these two age groups.
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