BJP to bring resolution supporting CAA in both houses of Maharashtra legislature today
March 05, 2020  13:30
The BJP may bring a resolution supporting the Citizenship Amendment Act  in both houses of Maharashtra legislature on Thursday. Former chief minister and Leader of Opposition in Assembly Devendra Fadnavis said that there is a lot of confusion in Maharashtra because different party leaders and ministers of the MVA government are giving contradictory statements about the CAA.

"This shall be cleared through a discussion of what exactly is the view of MVA government about the CAA. Some ministers of the MVA government are openly saying that they won't support CAA and they want to bring a resolution in the house against it. Some are even participating in anti-CAA rallies," Fadnavis said.

"Whereas, CM Uddhav Thackeray supported CAA several times and had said that there won't be any problems caused by CAA in the state. There is a lot of confusion among the leaders, and people of Maharashtra need to have clarity on it. So, we are of the view that this government must clear their stand on the floor of the house about what exactly is their view on CAA," he added.

Leader of Opposition in Council Pravin Darekar also said that the move will help in clearing the confusion created by contradictory statements of Maha Vikas Aghadi (MVA) leaders.Several non-BJP ruled states have passed an anti-CAA resolution in their state assemblies. -- ANI
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