Where is your 56" chest, Cong asks Modi
June 16, 2020  15:02
Senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal on Tuesday questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the border matter with China in Galwan Valley, saying 'why he is hesitating to show red-eye to China in Ladakh'?

"Double faced politics. Modi Ji use to accuse the UPA for not showing red eye to China when it crosses LAC. Modi ji, now why are you hesitating to show red-eye to China in Ladakh?," he tweeted. "And when Nepal is showing you red-eye then why do you now want to have a dialogue. Where is your 56-inch chest?"

A couple of days back, Rahul Gandhi also questioned the government over Chinese aggression in Ladakh and targeted the Prime Minister."The Chinese have walked in and taken our territory in Ladakh. 

Meanwhile. The PM is absolutely silent and has vanished from the scene," the Congress MP posted, tagging a news article that claimed China has taken a hard line during military-level talks on Saturday.
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