Two Indian High Commission staffers in Pak beaten
June 16, 2020  12:36
Two officials of Indian High Commission in Pakistan, who were released by the authorities in Islamabad on Monday after a day-long arrest, were thrashed and forced to confess that "they were involved in an accident", according to sources.

Two Indian staffers who are working as drivers in the Indian High Commission were picked up by around 15 to 16 armed persons at around 8:30-45 hours from a petrol station close to the High Commission, according to sources. They were then blindfolded with a rucksack thrown over their heads and handcuffed.

Sources revealed how the two Indian drivers were picked up at around 8.30-45 hours on Sunday from a petrol station close to the High Commission by around 15 to 16 armed persons who came in around 5 to 6 vehicles.

The armed men took the Indian High Commission staffers to an unknown destination.

"The abductors made multiple videos in which the High Commission officials were forced to confess under duress that they had committed an accident. Armed men also forced the Indian staffers to confess that alleged Intelligence officials in the High Commission compel them to bring people from outside in their cars for meetings inside the High Commission," said Sources.

"They were interrogated till around 1400 hours, during which period they were repeatedly beaten with rods/wooden sticks, punches, and made to drink filthy water etc. They were interrogated regarding the specific role and function of all High Commission officials down to the lowest staff," said sources.

During the interrogation, they were repeatedly threatened that this is how the other members of the High Commission would be treated as well in future.

Following the investigation, the drivers were then taken for a medical checkup where they were also injected with what was claimed to be a tetanus shot.

On Monday, at around 2100 hours they were handed back to the High Commission. Though they were able to walk, they carried extensive injury marks to their neck, face, thighs and rear, indicating extensive manhandling.

No life-threatening injuries have been detected so far, said sources
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