Shiv Sena demands 'clarity' on situation in Eastern Ladakh
June 16, 2020  20:45
The Shiv Sena on Tuesday demanded clarity on the violent face-off between Indian and Chinese soldiers in eastern Ladakh, saying the Union government needs to take the "elected opposition" into confidence.

Sena deputyleader Priyanka Chaturvedi also said, on Twitter, that the government should not feed "propaganda" to the media.

"Dear GOI, you have the best interest in mind but we need clarity. The nation stands with you in solidarity but they deserve to know," she tweeted.

"It isn't a good idea even strategically to not take the elected opposition in confidence. Lastly do not feed propaganda to the media. Just facts," she added.

"My tribute and salute to our brave men, who are at the forefront with all their courage and their heart full of love for the nation. Hope to see an urgent solution soon, for our nation's honour," the Sena leader said.
-- PTI
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