People are volunteering to get Covid injected to find a cure
June 16, 2020  10:09
Despite risks involved, several people across the world are volunteering for the trial of COVID-19 vaccine, allowing the researchers to inject potentially deadly microbes inside their nose.

Doctors first give the volunteers experimental vaccine, thereafter they are exposed to the deadly pathogen. If the dose works and prevents healthy volunteers from getting ill, then the study can move forward, The Washington Post reported. Similar methods were used to work up malaria and cholera vaccines which are now being used to produce the coronavirus vaccine. Although similar methods are being employed to produce the COVID-19, there some doctors who don't agree with the approach as it raises some ethical points.

Question being asked is how right is the process to inject a person with a virus that killed over 435,000 people worldwide, with no cure available. Even in the past, trials were usually permitted only for an illness that isn't fatal or that have treatments available.

According to the US daily, large-scale trials of coronavirus vaccine candidates are scheduled to start this summer and fall with more conventional methods.

Lehua Gray, a 32-year-old product manager in Austin, who wants to be a volunteer said her interest in participating in a challenge trial, "it starts out being a conversation about FDA processes and ends up being a conversation about how I'm about to risk my life," she said.

Despite several risks, Gray is among 28,000 other volunteers, who have signed up for an online organization, 1Day Sooner, with the aim to combat the virus by placing themselves in the path of the deadly contagion. -- ANI
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