Eiffel Tower to reopen after longest closure since WWII
June 16, 2020  22:05
Workers are preparing the Eiffel Tower to reopen next week after the coronavirus pandemic led to the iconic Paris landmark's longest closure since World War II.
But as France's tourism industry starts back up in earnest, the 324-metre-tall wrought-iron tower won't immediately welcome visitors in the way it did before the country's virus lockdown.

The number of people allowed in will be limited when the Eiffel Tower opens again on June 25. Elevators to the top will be out of service, and only the first and second floors accessible to the public. Individuals interested in combining sightseeing and workouts will be in luck.

At first, only visits by the stairs will be available, Victoria Klahr, the spokeswoman for the tower's management, said Tuesday.

Everyone over age 11 also will be required to wear face masks, while crowd control measures will be in place, according to the tower's management.
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