Congress on ventilator: AAP's Raghav Chadha
July 16, 2020  21:22
Amid the political turmoil in Rajasthan, the AAP on Thursday sought to project itself as an alternative, saying the Congress is on "ventilator" and is unlikely to survive while accusing the political parties of playing "dirty politics" at a time when the focus should be on battling the COVID-19 pandemic. 

AAP spokesperson Raghav Chadha said neither the Congress has any future nor can it give any future to this country and his party, with fresh blood and invigorating force, needs to step up and become the alternative.

Hitting back, the Delhi Congress chief Anil Chaudhary tweeted, "Anyway, if you vote for Kejriwal, you get Amit Shah (BJP leader and Home Minister) to rule Delhi, Congress cannot offer such a dual offer." 
Chadha said political parties are busy with dirty politics at a time when the focus should be on fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. 

"At this time of crisis when our country is looking for cooperation from all political parties against this pandemic, we have one political party which is selling their MLAs and another political party which is buying MLAs," Chadha said, referring to the ongoing political turmoil in Rajasthan.

"Entire India is witnessing a political drama unfolding in Rajasthan. People of our country are hurt to see this kind of dirty politics. It is a sad spectacle to witness that parties are busy playing dirty politics at a time when this pandemic crisis looms overhead,"  he told reporters.

Chadha further said the AAP is the only alternative left as the Congress party is on "ventilator" and unlikely to survive.

"The voters of India are very much saddened by the state of our democracy because it doesn't matter whom they cast their vote for, because of this new dirty politics of BJP and Congress. Congress neither has any future nor can it give any future to this country. 

"Today, it is clear that the Congress party is on a ventilator. No plasma therapy, hydroxychloroquine, or Remdesivir can save this political party from the impending death," said Chadha.

People have hopes from the AAP and they see it is as alternative, Chadha claimed.

-- PTI
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