Someone is lying: Rahul attacks PM over LAC row
July 03, 2020  18:30
Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Friday said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi's claim that "nobody took our land" is contrary to what Ladakhi people say.

"Ladakhis say: China took our land. PM says: Nobody took our land. Obviously, someone is lying," Gandhi tweeted along with a video in which some people alleged that China has entered into Indian territory.

The situation at the border along Lines of Actual Control remains tense after 20 Indian soldiers were killed in a violent clash with Chinese troops when they attempted to unilaterally change the status quo during the de-escalation.

Indian intercepts revealed that the Chinese side suffered 43 casualties including dead and seriously injured.

In the meeting with Opposition on June 19, the PM had said: "Neither is anyone inside our territory nor is any of our post captured." -- ANI
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