Hong Kong police make first arrest under new security law
July 01, 2020  17:15
Representational image
Representational image
Hong Kong police on Wednesday made the first arrest under violation of the law, just a day after China's elite Standing Committee imposed the new national security legislation on the semi-autonomous region, CNN reported.

Thousands of Hong Kongers, who saw new dawn with the Chinese imposed restrictions over their autonomy and precious civil and social freedoms, turned out in protest in the busy shopping district of Causeway Bay but were met with a heavy security presence. Police fired pepper spray into the crowd, kettled and dispersed protesters and deployed water cannons. 

At least 70 people, including a man who was holding a black independence flag, and soon afterwards a woman with a sign reading "Hong Kong Independence" were arrested by the police.The new law came into effect in Hong Kong in the lead-up to July 1 -- the 23rd anniversary of the handover of Hong Kong from British rule to China -- and dramatically broadens the powers of local and mainland authorities to investigate, prosecute and punish dissenters. -- ANI
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