Govt allows sale of Patanjali's Coronil
July 01, 2020  18:08
The Union AYUSH Ministry said Patanjali can sell Coronil but only as an immunity booster, days after yoga guru Ramdev's company launched it as a medicine for COVID-19 and is now calling it a product to 'manage' the disease.

Patanjali Ayurved Ltd said there is no disagreement now between it and the Union ministry, which had last week asked it not to sell the ayurvedic drug till the issue it examined.

At his press conference in Haridwar, Ramdev lashed out over the flak he received after the launch of the drug, saying some people are hurt by the 'rise of Indian culture'.
"I want to tell people who want to try these medicines that there is no restriction on their sale now and they will be available in a kit everywhere in the country from today," Ramdev said, referring to Coronil and the two other products Patanjali is promoting together.
The company claimed that the AYUSH Ministry has "categorically agreed" that Patanjali had "appropriately worked on COVID-19 management".
"Now there is no difference of opinion between AYUSH Ministry and Patanjali," it added in a statement.

The ministry confirmed that Patanjali can sell the product but not as a cure for the disease. "AYUSH Ministry has only given permission to sell this particular formulation as immunity booster and not as a medicinal cure for COVID-19," it said.

-- PTI
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