People in Kolkata form human chain to salute Constitution of India
January 26, 2020  14:37
A large number of people in Kolkata on Sunday formed a human chain that extended from Ramkrishna Mission at Golpark to Netaji Statue at Shyambazar in order to "salute, safeguard and uphold the Constitution of India" on the occasion of the 71st Republic Day.

The participants included women and children who held each others' hands to form a human chain "to spread the message of equality, liberty and fraternity" guaranteed by the Constitution of India. 

The event was organised by local cultural body United Interfaith Foundation India. "The Constitution of India is a beacon constitutional document recognised the world over," said Archbishop Thomas D'Souza, President, United Interfaith Foundation India.

"Kolkata's citizens of all faiths and backgrounds celebrated the institution of the Constitution of India and pledged to safeguard and uphold the tenets of the Constitution of India by holding hands with each other and giving the message of universal brotherhood on the streets of the city at 12 noon on Republic Day," he added.

The human chain had 15 assembly points in the route from Ramkrishna Mission, Golpark to Netaji Statue, Shyambazar. People joined from their nearest accessible points to lend their support to the event. The Preamble of the Constitution was read out at all 15 assembly points in English, Hindi and Bengali.

Photograph: Rupak De Chowdhuri/Reuters
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