Delhi polls won't be fought on basis of religion: Kejriwal
January 25, 2020  00:21
Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Friday said votes in the coming assembly polls would be cast on the basis of work done by the Aam Aadmi Party government in the last five years and not on the basis of caste or religion.
Addressing a public meeting in Rohini, Kejriwal said he was very happy to hear Home Minister Amit Shah talk about unauthorised colonies, education and health in his speech as it shows the AAP government has changed the narrative of politics in the country.
"It shows that while in rest of the country the BJP seek votes on the basis of caste and religion, in Delhi they are forced to seek votes on the basis of development work like health and education," he said.
For the first time in 70 years, Kejriwal claimed, a party is asking for votes in the name of development.
"No party has ever asked for votes in the name of improvement of schools, hospitals, free and cheap electricity. They ask for votes in the name of religion and castes. The BJP asks for votes in the name of Jat and non-Jat in Haryana, in the name of Maratha and non-Maratha in Maharashtra, Patel and non-Patel and Hindu-Muslim in states like Gujarat," he said.
Kejriwal said his party has changed the discourse and narrative of politics in the state.
"Now people will talk about Delhi's development and work instead of religion or caste. People will only vote for parties that will improve schools, hospitals, roads, provide free electricity and water," he added.
Kejriwal appealed to the supporters of BJP, Congress and other parties to vote for AAP as it will contribute towards development of Delhi.
"We have made a lot of effort in improving schools and hospitals in Delhi, voting for any other party will again deteriorate their condition. We have to keep the development speed constant throughout. Vote for us keeping the welfare of your family in mind," he added.
Kejriwal said he has worked how an elder son in a family works.
"I have worked as an elder son of the family in the last five years. It is he who shoulders the responsibility of managing the household, paying electricity and water bills, taking his parents to a pilgrimage, taking care of the education of the children of his family, taking care of the health of his family. I have tried to take all these responsibilities on my shoulder by being an elder son of every household in Delhi in the last five years," he said. -- PTI
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