Anupam Kher hits back at Naseeruddin Shah
January 22, 2020  22:37
Slamming veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah who called him a 'clown' and a 'sycophant', Anupam Kher on Wednesday said his A Wednesday co-star had spent his entire life in frustration despite a successful career.

The statement came against the backdrop of Shah's interview with an online news portal in which he had called Kher a sycophant and a clown.

Kher took to Twitter and shared a video of him where he launches a scathing attack against the veteran actor, whom he said had criticised other actors too in the past but was not taken seriously because of the 'substances' Shah had been consuming for years that prevented him from distinguishing right from wrong.

He captioned the post as, 'My deep love-filled message for Janaab Naseeruddin Shah. He is elder to me in age as well as in experience. I have always respected his art, but it is very necessary to respond to some statements. This is my response.'

"Thank you for the praises but I don't take you or your statements seriously. You spent your entire life in frustration despite getting so much of success.

"If you can criticise Dilip Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan, Rajesh Khanna, Shah Rukh Khan, and Virat Kohli, then I am sure I am in great company," Kher said in the video.

"None of the actors criticised by you took your statements seriously because we all know that it is because of the substances that you have been consuming from years that you are not able to differentiate between what is right and what is wrong," he added.

In the interview, Shah had said that Kher should not be taken seriously and 'sycophantic nature' is in his blood.

Responding to Shah's statements, Kher said, "If you are able to grab headlines by criticising me then I gift you this happiness. I wish God keeps you happy. And you know what is in my blood? It is Hindustan (India) in my blood." -- ANI
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