Will meet again tomorrow: Mediators@Shaheen Bagh
February 19, 2020  17:35
Supreme Court mediators Sanjay Hegde and Sadhana Ramachandran leave Shaheen Bagh. Advocate Ramachandran said, "We met them and listened to them. We asked them if they want us to come back tomorrow as it's not possible to complete the talks in one day. They said they want us to come back tomorrow, so we will."

The two interlocutors appointed by the Supreme Court on Wednesday visited Shaheen Bagh to initiate talks with the protesters, asserting that the top court has upheld their right to protest but it should not affect the rights of other citizens. The two interlocutors are advocate Sadhana Ramachandran and senior advocate Sanjay Hegde. 

"The Supreme Court has upheld your right to protest. But then other citizens also have their rights and it should also be maintained," Ramachandran told the crowd assembled at the spot in large numbers. "We want to together find a solution to the problem. We will listen to everyone," she said in Hindi. Earlier, Hegde explained the Supreme Court order to the protesters. This was translated into Hindi by Ramachandran. The protesters have been on a sit-in against the new citizenship law for over two months.
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