Kaam karo yaro: Sibal attacks Centre on inflation
February 13, 2020  14:00
Referring to Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath's 'goli se saamna karna padega' remark, Congress leader Kapil Sibal attacked the Centre over rising inflation in the country and said that the government's slogan should be 'Kaam Karo Yaro' (work my friends).

"Patient unwell, doctor missing, retail inflation near six year high: 7.59 per cent price jumps: vegetables 50.19 per cent pulses: 16.71 per cent food and beverages: 11.79 per cent meat and fish: 10.50 per cent eggs: 10.41 per cent, Yogi Adityanath said: goli maro slogan should be: kaam karo yaaro," Sibal tweeted.

Earlier this month, Adityanath in an election rally in Delhi, had warned against those targeting Kanwariyas and said that they will face bullets from police. "boli se nahi goli se saamna karna padega" (If they do not listen to talks, they will have to face the bullets), he had said. -- PTI
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