Bengal BJP divided on strategy for 2021 state polls
February 13, 2020  16:17
After the BJP's defeat in the Delhi Assembly elections, poll managers of its West Bengal unit are divided whether to push its aggressive strategy on the CAA-NRC or mellow it down and lace it with alternative policies of governance. The BJP that recently suffered a defeat at the hands of the AAP, which won the polls for the third consecutive time on the plank of good governance, is in two minds about its strategy for 2021 Assembly polls in West Bengal. In West Bengal, the BJP had won 18 out of the 42 Lok Sabha seats in 2019 parliamentary polls, while it had swept all the seven Lok Sabha seats in Delhi. 

"But within a few months, we see that the results are completely opposite in Lok Sabha polls and Assembly polls in Delhi. So we cannot take it for granted that just because we won 18 seats in Bengal, we will also win the Assembly polls."  -- PTI
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