Writer and activist Sadia Dehlvi passes away
August 06, 2020  09:37
Noted Delhi-based writer and activist Sadia Dehlvi has passed away after a prolonged battle with cancer. 

She was 63.
Sadia was admitted to a New Delhi hospital recently where she was undergoing treatment. 

She died at her home on Wednesday.
"Sad to hear about the tragic demise of Sadia Dehlvi, a well known cultural figure of Delhi, a dear friend and a wonderful human being. Rest in Peace," tweeted eminent historian S Irfan Habib.
Sadia, who hailed from the royal 'Shama' family, edited Bano, an Urdu women's journal. 

Her grandfather, Hafiz Yusuf Dehlvi, founded Shama, an iconic Urdu film and literary monthly, in 1938.
A well-known food connoisseur, she wrote a book on Delhi's culinary history in 2017, titled Jasmine & Jinns: Memories and Recipes of My Delhi.
A woman of many talents, Sadia also produced and scripted documentaries and television programmes, including Amma and Family (1995), starring Zohra Sehgal, a veteran stage actor.
She was a close friend and confidante of the late author Khushwant Singh. 

Singh dedicated his book Not a Nice Man to Know to her.
He wrote, "To Sadia Dehlvi, who gave me more affection and notoriety than I deserve."
Singh's book Men and Women in my Life has Sadia's photo on its cover and the book has a chapter dedicated to her.
Sadia produced the television show Not a Nice man to Know with Singh interviewing women from various fields.
She is survived by her son Arman Ali Dehlvi. -- PTI 
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