PPE for sanitation workers in quarantined areas in Delhi
April 09, 2020  12:29
Sanitation workers of North Delhi Municipal Corporation were seen wearing a personal protective gear for the collection of garbage from the houses of the quarantined in the Paharganj area on Thursday, for prevention of COVID-19 transmission.

Speaking to ANI, Sandeep, a sanitisation who driving the vehicle carrying garbage said, "We have been provided with these kits as we have to go and collect the garbage from the houses where people have been kept under quarantine. We get new kits everyday and the old ones are burnt and disposed of. We are scared for our families but we are taking every possible preventive measure to stay safe."

The sanitisation workers here were seen wearing a fully covered suit and masks.

"We have been getting these protective gear since the coronavirus started spreading. We change these suits daily," said another sanitisation worker. -- PTI
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