Man thrashed after being accused of conspiracy to spread COVID-19
April 09, 2020  18:56
A man who had returned to his village in Bawana in northwest Delhi after attending a Tablighi Jamaat conference in Bhopal was allegedly thrashed earlier this week after some people accused him of spreading COVID-19, police said.

Three people -- Naveen, Prashant and Promod -- have been arrested for allegedly beating the 22-year-old, who is recovering from his injuries in a hospital, police officials said.

It was earlier erroneously reported by PTI that the man had died after being thrashed.

Mehboob Ali, a resident of Harewali village in Bawana, had gone to Bhopal for a Tablighi Jamaat conference, officials said.

He was there for 45 days and returned to the national capital in a truck carrying vegetables.

He got off at the Azadpur vegetable market on Sunday where a medical examination was conducted to check for symptoms of COVID-19.

He left for his village after that. When he reached there, rumour spread that he had plans to spread COVID-19.

He was thrashed in the fields and later rushed to a hospital, a senior police official said.

He was admitted to the LNJP Hospital in Delhi as a coronavirus suspect.

Ali is stable and doing fine at the isolation centre and there are no coronavirus symptoms till date, police said.

The Tablighi Jamaat's Nizamuddin Markaz has become a hotspots for coronavirus not only in the national capital but also across the country. -- PTI
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