Anti-COVID strategy working: Trump
April 09, 2020  09:00
Amid a coronavirus-stung United States mourning thousands of its dead countrymen, President Donald Trump on Wednesday sought to reassure the country, saying there are signs that the aggressive strategy to slow the spread is working and the number of new cases is stabilizing.
"The numbers are changing and they are changing rapidly and soon we will be over that curve. We will be over the top and we will be headed in the right direction. I feel strongly about that," Trump told reporters during his daily White House news conference on coronavirus.
By Wednesday more than 4.3 lakh Americans had tested positive with coronavirus and the fatalities soared to over 14,760, with more than 1900 deaths reported in just one day. 

New York with nearly 1.5 lakh confirmed cases and 6,200 deaths has emerged as the epicentre of COVID-19 in the US.
"As we mourn the terrible loss of life for this grave pandemic, we are seeing signs that our aggressive strategy to slow the spread is working. The number of new cases is stabilizing. The number of beds necessary in so many locations -- I was watching this morning New York, I was watching Louisiana -- you see what is going on," Trump told reporters at the White House.
At the same time, Trump said some "terrible days" are ahead but will also soon have wonderful days ahead. 
"We are going to get this behind us, this terrible thing behind us. Some people will never be able to forget if they had a loved one, if they had a great friend or a friend, but we are going to get it behind us," he said.
"This is a tribute to the discipline and the devotion of the American people what we have accomplished, if every American continues to strictly adhere to social distancing guidelines, we can defeat the invisible enemy and save countless lives and we can do it much more quickly," Trump said.
"We are hopefully heading toward a final stretch -- the light at the end of the tunnel as I was saying -- as we continue to wage all out medical war to defeat the virus, we are also finding an economic war to ensure we can quickly turn to full financial strength," said the US President. -- PTI
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