11 Indians die of coronavirus in US
April 09, 2020  08:28
At least 11 Indians have died of COVID-19 in the United States with another 16 testing positive for the infection which has claimed more than 14,000 lives and afflicted more than four lakh people in the US.
All Indian citizens who have succumbed to the deadly infection in the US are male, with ten of them from New York and New Jersey area. 

Four of the victims are said to be taxi drivers in New York City.
New York City has emerged as the US epicentre for COVID-19 spurt, accounting for more than 6,000 deaths and over 1,38,000 cases of infections. 

New Jersey accounts for 1,500 fatalities and nearly 48,000 infections.
One Indian national reportedly died in Florida because of coronavirus. 

Authorities are also ascertaining the nationality of some other Indian origin people in the States of California and Texas.
All 16 Indians, including four females, who have tested positive for coronavirus are in self-quarantine. 

Coming from diverse background, eight of them are from New York, three from New Jersey and rest from other states like Texas and California. 

They hail from Indian states like Uttarakhand, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh.
Indian embassy and consulates across the United States are working closely with local authorities and Indian-American organizations to provide necessary assistance to Indian nationals and students affected with COVID-19.
Because of the strict travel restrictions and regulations to prevent the spread of the deadly virus, local city officials have been performing the last rites of the deceased and in many cases are not allowing even their immediate family members to attend their cremations, officials said. -- PTI
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