Traffic fines hiked to save lives, ignore those who grumble: V K Singh
September 12, 2019  19:46
The fines for traffic offences were hiked to save lives, and those who find them too high should be ignored, Union minister of state for road transport V K Singh said in Gwalior on Thursday. 
Many states in the country, including those ruled by the Bharatiya Janata Party, have refused to enforce the amended Motor Vehicles Act, or have decided to water down its penalty provisions.
"Human life is precious. So the government has hiked the penalties for traffic offences. It will bring respect for traffic rules and save lives," the former Army chief said.
"Let the people who consider the fines dearer than people's lives comment," he said, speaking to reporters.
The BJP-ruled Gujarat announced reduction between 25 to 90 per cent in the fines prescribed under the amended MV Act two days ago.
The Uttarakhand cabinet on Wednesday approved a reduction in fines.
Singh had come to Gwalior to meet cabinet colleague Narendra Singh Tomar who lost his mother recently. -- PTI 
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