BJP politicising eggs in mid-day meals in MP: Minister
November 08, 2019  11:40
Madhya Pradesh Minister Imarti Devi on Friday said that BJP opposes eggs being provided in mid-day meals in Madhya Pradesh, while it has no such objections in Maharashtra.

"We went to Maharashtra and consulted officers there. They told us they have been giving eggs in mid-day meals since 2016-17. RSS has its main branch in Maharashtra. There they have no objections, while they are doing politics in Madhya Pradesh by opposing it," said Imarti Devi.

"I don't know what enmity they have with children in Madhya Pradesh," she asked. "We have discussed it and taken the advice of doctors who have told us that it is good to give eggs to children as they are nutritious," said the Women and Child Development Minister.

In a bid to end malnutrition in the state, the Congress government announced that eggs would be provided in mid-day meals offered to children in Anganwadis from November.The BJP has opposed this Madhya Pradesh government initiative. -- PTI
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