Government's two faces on minorities
March 25, 2019  11:47
"India has periodically raised with Islamabad the subject of the treatment of minorities in Pakistan, but has always treaded carefully for fear of jeopardising their lot further.Just as Muslims in India are forced to carry the baggage of being identified with Pakistan because of their religion, Hindus in Pakistan are often called "Indians'.

"Even when the subject of the forcible conversion and marriage of Hindu girls reached Pakistan's Supreme Court in 2012 (Rinkle Kumari case), India had raised the issue through diplomatic channels without commenting too openly on it, except in Parliament in response to a question.Under the Simla Agreement of 1972, both countries have a policy of non-interference in each other's internal affairs. Any comment from Pakistan on the state of minorities in India has always nettled New Delhi.

"Pakistan has in recent times made several such references, a few of which came from Prime Minister Imran Khan. India has rejected the charges, accusing Pakistan of hypocrisy and citing how not just minorities but also the smaller sects of Islam have come under attack in the neighbouring country."

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