Modi lives for the camera: Rahul
March 05, 2019  22:49
Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday said Prime Minister Narendra Modi 'lives for the camera' and accused him of ignoring the problems of the sanitation staff in Prayagraj, where he washed their feet during the Kumbh Mela.

"Narendra Modi lives for the camera. Once the cameras were shut, the prime minister did not even hear the problems of the sanitation staff," Gandhi said in a Facebook post along with Modi's picture washing the feet of sanitation workers at the Kumbh Mela.

"He made it an event and then left for another event," the Gandhi scion said.

The Congress chief also tagged a news report saying that the sanitation staff went back to their routine job of cleaning after their moment of fame with Modi.

On February 24, Modi had taken a holy dip at the Sangam here and interacted with sanitation workers who ensured cleanliness at the mela which concluded on Monday.

The prime minister had  described them as 'real karm yogis' and washed their feet.  -- PTI
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