How war rhetoric is affecting children
March 05, 2019  10:11
Class VI girl Eepsha Aamon stopped talking to a classmate who told her that "Pakistanis are bad and Modi is right to attack them". Sociology undergraduate Lakshmi Padmakumar is tired of the daily marches outside her flat, near Delhi University's North Campus, with loudspeakers blaring: "Pakistan murdabad (death to Pakistan)!"

Both Eepsha and Lakshmi, born in the years after the Kargil conflict, were part of a human chain in front of the Jantar Mantar monuments, organised as an anti-war protest on Monday by a string of NGOs and trade unions.

Eepsha, from Father Agnel School in Noida, was accompanied by her mother Dithhi Bhattacharya, a trade union activist.   Read the report here. 
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