Irfan Habib is urban naxal, revoke his Professor Emeritus status: BJP leader to HRD minister
December 30, 2019  09:05
A BJP leader has written a letter to the Union HRD minister asking him to revoke the "Professor Emeritus" status given to historian Irfan Habib alleging that he inculcates divisive views among students of Aligarh Muslim University against the Constitution, Hindu community and country.

Nishit Sharma, Aligarh BJP spokesperson, has also requested that Habib should not be allowed to enter the premises of AMU. 

"It is highly dangerous for such Urban Naxal to stay inside the premises of AMU and present his divisive views among students. This is dangerous for the country, society and students. He has always presented views against the orders of the Supreme Court, Constitution, Hindu society etc," read the letter.

"In order to secure the future of students it is essential to revoke his "Professor Emeritus" status and not allow him to enter the premises of AMU," it read.

-- ANI
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