PM unable to list even one achievement of his rule: Priyanka
April 05, 2019  22:42
Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Friday hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying he should tell the country what he did in the last five years instead of seeking an account of the work done by former prime ministers Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi.

Priyanka, who was speaking after holding a road show in support of party candidate Dolly Sharma, alleged that the prime minister was serving lies to the masses and is unable to list a single achievement of his five-year tenure.

"He has an obsession with our family. He says Nehru did this, Indira Gandhi did this, but Modiji what did you do, you must say what you did in five years," she said addressing party workers at Maiwara after her roadshow covered 2.5 km stretch starting from GT Road Ghantaghar where she garlanded the statue of freedom fighter Bhagat Singh.

"He came out to campaign after five years in office but could not list a single achievement," she claimed.

The Congress general secretary said that people of Modi's Lok Sabha constituency Varanasi told her that the prime minister 'never visited any village' and only 'comes and gives speeches'.

"The prime minister did not get five minutes during his five-year rule to met even one family in his own constituency. You have seen he has travelled the whole world.

"He hugged people in Japan, in the US also he hugged, in Pakistan he ate biryani, in China he hugged, in Africa he hugged, but have you seen him hugging any poor family of Varanasi".

She said Modi 'calls himself a nationalist but he refused to open his door when the farmers reached Delhi to speak to him'.

"Farmers are committing suicide, youths are desperately looking for employment.  Hefty loans of industrialist have been waived. In Bhadohi district near Varanasi all carpet industries are facing financial crunch due to GST and most of the units have closed down," Priyanka said.

"On one side is propaganda politics, while on the other is the politics which wants to work for you," she said.

Urging the people to study the Congress manifesto, she said Rs 72,000 will be given to poor families every year and loans of the farmers will be waived.

"When we say this, the prime minister says from where will the money come. They have money to waive loans of industrialists but not of farmers, they don't have money to build your roads or to bring you water," he said.

She alleged that the small shopkeepers, traders and industrialists, who supported the Bharatiya Janata Party, 'have been killed by GST'.

Earlier, the road show was to start from Dudheshwer Nath temple where Piryanka Vadra was to offer prayers to Lord Shiva. However, it was later curtailed.

DIG Upendra Agarwal said the district administration had no objection to the route of her road show and her visit to the temple, but her programme might have been changed by the SPG due to security reasons.

BJP's V K Singh and Suresh Bansal of SP-BSP-RLD combine are the other main contestants in the fray from Ghaziabad.  -- PTI
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