Chal Dhanno! Hema drives a tractor in Mathura
April 05, 2019  14:43
Optics matter in elections. 
A canny politician knows that.
And former actress will second that. 

And so it was that today, BJP MP and Mathura candidate Hema Malini got behind the wheel of a tractor in Govardhan in her constituency. 

Dressed in pale pink sari, soothing to the eye in the searing heat of Mathura, she smiled for the cameras knowing well the picture will make it to the papers. 

In fact, the former actress,  started her election campaign amid the golden harvests in a farm in Mathura with a sickle in her hand. 

Draped in a saree matching the golden wheat fields, the actress lent a hand to women working in the field, carrying bundles of freshly harvested crop.

The BJP Lok Sabha lawmaker is seeking a second term from Mathura.

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