Look who Divya Spandana is following...
October 25, 2018  14:55
Guess what? Jairam Ramesh -- who has been accused by some purveyors of political scuttlebutt as the Congress leader who clipped Divya Spandana's influence in the party -- just acquired a new follower on Twitter: Divya Spandana.

For those who came in late, high flying Divya, who pretty much ran social media for Luddite Congressi circles, came crashing down like Icarus last month.

Her role was trimmed; she now longer called the shots on what to tweet in the GOP.

She had apparently run afoul of two Kannadigas on the ascent --- Jairam Ramesh, who has swung back into the emperor's orbit after a few months in Congressi Siberia -- and Nikhil Alva, whose mama Margaret Alva is a Congress veteran of Indira-Rajiv vintage.

By following Jairam on Twitter, Divya -- who tweeted punches with Anthony Joshua-like ferocity -- has either decided that she needs to build bridges or she plans to check if Ramesh, who fancies his reputation for quick repartee, can give it to BJP trolls as well as she does.
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