Trump says will cut aid to 3 Central American countries as migrant caravan marches on
October 22, 2018  23:20
US President Donald Trump said Monday that his administration will cut off aid to three Central American nations for their failure to stop a migrant caravan of thousands of people from moving towards the US with the aim to enter America illegally.

The caravan comprising thousands of people was formed in the Honduran city of San Pedro Sula. It crossed into Guatemala where one of its coordinators was detained. The other members of the caravan are advanced through Guatemala with hopes of reaching the US border.

"Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador were not able to do the job of stopping people from leaving their country and coming illegally to the US. We will now begin cutting off, or substantially reducing, the massive foreign aid routinely given to them," Trump said in a tweet.

His announcement comes days after he had issued a warning to the three countries.

Thousands of people from these poor Central American countries are moving in the shape of a caravan towards the US so that they can enter the country illegally.

Once inside the US, they hope to get jobs, even illegally, so as to have a better future.

Every year, thousands of people enter the US in a similar fashion and take advantage of the "catch and release" humanitarian policy of America for illegal immigrants.

Trump is seeking an end to this policy, which he argues has been responsible for hundreds and thousands of people entering the US illegally and ending up being a drain on US economy.

-- PTI
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