'Men are trembling now'
October 22, 2018  17:02
"One knew that Akbar had a glad eye like a lot of men have, but never to this extent that one is reading. I was very surprised. He educated you in journalism -- he told you what to do with your story, how to start it, etc. He had a hot temper and I owe a lot to him, but whatever he is today, I am pretty shocked.

"In Mumbai I knew he would call people to his room, but I never heard that anyone had complained about it.

"He had such a respected journalism career. It is sad how he has squandered everything."

Olga Tellis is one of Indian journalism's legendary reporters,  tells Rediff.com's Archana Masih how the work environment has changed for women journalists since she began her career 52 years ago. Read more
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