VHP plans nationwide campaign for a bill on Ram temple
November 06, 2018  20:01
The Vishwa Hindu Parishad will hold public meetings in all Lok Sabha constituencies and ask MPs to support the passage of a bill in Parliament for the construction of a Ram temple in Ayodhya, as its working president Alok Kumar expressed confidence on Tuesday that the Centre will bring a legislation in the winter session.

The VHP, a Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh affiliate, is seeking to build a tempo in favour of the temple's construction with a series of nationwide programmes which, he hoped, will generate enough pressure in the present atmosphere on parties like the Congress to not oppose the bill.

Referring to the Congress's 'janeu dhari' (one who wears sacred thread) president Rahul Gnadhi's temple visits, he wondered how his party will oppose the construction of Ram temple.

Kumar told PTI that his organisation was confident that the Narendra Modi government will bring such a bill in Parliament's winter session, saying it is a dispensation of 'Ram bhakt' (devotees of Ram).

With Lok Sabha elections less than six months away, political observers believe that the RSS -- whose chief Mohan Bhagwat's demand for a law has generated a storm of support, including from many Union ministers -- and the BJP will use the key Hindutva plank to build a narrative in its favour.

Though neither the government nor the BJP has made their stand clear on the demand of Hindutva groups for a law to pave the way for the temple's construction, ministers and other party leaders have been speaking in its favour.

The momentum generated by the debate will suit it politically, the BJP believes, more so as Hindutva credentials of Modi as well as its president Amit Shah are seen to be impeccable.

This is a government of 'Ram bhakt' (devotees of Ram) and its members have been their companions in the struggle to build the temple, Kumar said, adding that they had no doubt about its intention.

"We are looking forward to the government bringing a bill in the winter session," he said.

VHP delegations led by saints will also meet governors of states to urge them to convey to the Centre about the 'popular' wish to construct the temple.

The organisation will hold a public meeting in all 543 Lok Sabha constituencies by December 15, he said, and will meet the respective member of Parliament.  -- PTI
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