Sunny Leone blessed with two adorable boys
March 05, 2018  11:31
Actress Sunny Leone tweets a picture with her husband and three kids. That's right, three.

As we know, the Webers had adopted a girl Nisha Kaur Weber in June last year, but this picture has Nisha seated with her parents holding two bundled up infants.

Sunny tweets to say that on June 21st 2017, she and her husband Daniel Weber found that they would possibly be having three children in a short while. She writes to say that she and her husband had planned and tried to have a family and after many years their family was complete.

She introduces her two baby boys -- Asher Singh Weber and Noah Singh Weber -- with their proud and beaming sister Nisha Kaur Weber.

She said the babies were born a few weeks ago, but were "alive in their hearts and eyes for many years".

Congratulations, Sunny!
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