Urban moms avoid breastfeeding to maintain figure: Anandiben
June 22, 2018  00:24
Madhya Pradesh Governor Anandiben Patel said women in urban areas do not like to breastfeed their children as they fear it will spoil their figure.

"Women in cities these days don't breastfeed babies as they fear their figure will be affected, the baby is fed milk through bottles since birth. As bottles break, one day their 'naseeb' (destiny) will also break," Patel said on Wednesday while attending an event at an Anganwadi centre in Mayakhedi, Indore.

Before the start of the event, Patel asked her security personals to not stand in front of the women in the audience and go at the back.

The governor advised pregnant women to register themselves with the Anganwadi centres to avail the benefits of government schemes.

She also urged women to take advantage of the various schemes by the central government.   -- ANI
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