Hyderabad techie missing since Oct last; father seeks Sushma's help
June 22, 2018  18:47
A 36-year-old software engineer from Saidabad has reportedly gone missing in the US according to his father.
In a video message posted online recently, P Bangaram, a retired engineer, appealed to External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj to help trace his son.
He said his son P Raghavendra Rao went to California in December 2011 to work with a IT firm.
Bangaram said his son used to talk with him regularly.
"Since October 2017 he is not in touch with me... his whereabouts are not know. I think he is missing," Bangaram said, holding his son's photo.
Bangaram requested Swaraj and Telangana Minister for IT, Industries and NRI Affairs K T Rama Rao to help trace his son.
"Please help me...his whereabouts are not known... please help him," he said.  

-- PTI
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