Ram Madhav rubbishes Omar's horse trading claim
June 21, 2018  15:46
Bharatiya Janata Party general secretary Ram Madhav on Thursday asked former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister why he was afraid about the BJP trying to form a government in the state through horse trading and petty politics.

Refuting Omar's allegation, Madhav told ANI, "Why is he (Omar Abdullah) so scared? I'm sure his party men are loyal to him. There is no question of horse-trading from our side. We've seen what kind of horse-trading happened in Jammu and Kashmir under his party (Jammu and Kashmir National Conference), nobody should forget the history. He (Omar) should think of his own party and numbers."

Omar today called for a dissolution of the state assembly and holding of fresh elections to prevent the BJP from resorting to horse trading to form the next government in the state.

His response came after former Jammu and Kashmir deputy chief minister Kavinder Gupta said the BJP was "working on something" in connection with the ongoing political scenario in the state.

"I don't think a new government will be formed anytime soon. Uncertainties are there, but we are working on something and people will get to know about it," he told reporters in Jammu.In response to Congress's allegations that the BJP destroyed the state "economically, socially and politically",

Madhav called the grand old party "one culprit for an utter deterioration of Jammu and Kashmir."Launching a scathing attack on Congress, Madhav said, "Right from the beginning, whether it was secessionism, separatism, alienation and terrorism. Even, Pakistan-sponsored separatism and terrorist elements in Kashmir Valley. All these root causes are due to the wrong policies of the Congress. We tried to clean the mess created by Congress and its alliance partners in the past."Earlier, Congress leader and former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Ghulam Nabi Azad accused the BJP and the People's Democratic Party (PDP) of forming an "unethical alliance" and betraying the people of the state. -- ANI
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