According to Gujarat class 12 textbook, 'Sita was abducted by Rama'
June 01, 2018  13:31
The Gujarat State Board of School Textbooks has shot itself in the foot yet again. The latest blooper comes in the Class 12 Sanskrit textbook, which says Sita was abducted by Lord Ram.

The error appears in a paragraph describing poet Kalidas' 'Raghuvansham'. The offending line on Page 106 of the textbook's English version reads: There is a very heart-touching description of the message conveyed by Laxman to Ram when Sita was abducted by Rama.

The textbook errs on several counts. Firstly, teams that are involved in translating textbooks from one language to another have written wrongly used abducted instead of abandoned. The Hindi, Gujarati and Marathi versions have used the phrase Sita Tyaag. 

The GSBST has admitted to having made the error and promised to rectify it at the earliest. 
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