Alwar lynching: 'I ran away from the spot and later found that my friend was killed'
July 22, 2018  18:29
The eye-witness, in the Alwar lynching case on Sunday recalled the spine-chilling turn of events when his friend was lynched to death on suspicion of smuggling cows.

Aslam, who had a narrow escape said, "We (him and the deceased) both were going with our two cows, on seeing a speeding bike the cows ran into the fields where 6-7 people were present who fired at us, I ran away from the spot to save my life, later found that my friend was killed."

This comes barely a week after the Supreme Court urged Parliament to enact a law against lynching.

28-year-old Rakbar Khan along with his friend was taking some cows to his village through a forest near Lalawandi area in the Alwar district of Rajasthan when some locals allegedly thrashed him brutally, suspecting him to be a cow smuggler.

The police immediately rushed the victim to a nearby hospital, where he was declared brought dead.

Police have, so far, arrested two suspects and launched a manhunt for other suspects.

-- ANI
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