Alliances on Congress radar at first revamped CWC
July 22, 2018  16:30
The Congress party's highest decision-making body -- the Working Committee -- is meeting today amid the afterglow of Rahul Gandhi's no-holds barred attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday, followed by an unscripted hug and wink that is still a talking point on social media. 

"We are committed to make alliances work and we are all with him (Rahul Gandhi) in this endeavour. We have to rescue our people from a dangerous regime that is compromising the democracy of India," Sonia Gandhi said in her address.

At the strategy meet today, the Congress kept a tight focus on the issue of alliances. Giving an overview of the party's position in various states, former union minister P Chidambaram called for the broadest possible alliance within states.

In his address today, the Congress president, who took charge after 20 years of his mother Sonia Gandhi's leadership, reminded the members of the party's role as the "voice of India" and its responsibility of the 'present and future".
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