Thai cave rescue to be made into film
July 11, 2018  15:13
Only a handful of people witnessed first-hand the horror of the incarceration for more than a fortnight of 12 schoolboys and their football coach in waterlogged caves beneath a mountain in northern Thailand.

But the saga, whose developments were tracked religiously by millions around the world, is soon to be seen on the big screen, with plans already afoot for a movie version.

Pure Flix Entertainment is teaming up with Kaos Entertainment on the project, estimated to have a budget of around $45m.

Pure Flix co-founder and CEO Michael Ellis, who is partly based in the country, has been at the rescue site gathering testimony for several days.

The bravery and heroism Ive witnessed is incredibly inspiring, so, yes, this will be a movie for us, Scott told The Hollywood Reporter.
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