Haasan opposes "saffronisation," urges space, respect for all
February 22, 2018  22:27
Actor-politician Kamal Haasan today opposed "saffronisation," saying all sections of people should be given space and respect.

Using the national flag as a symbol to convey his political message, the actor rejected suggestions that he was denigrating the Hindu right wing ideology.
Haasan, who launched his political party Makkal Neethi Maiam yesterday, has said his politics will be free of caste and religion.
In November last year, the actor had faced flak for his "Hindu extremists" remark from the BJP and other right wing outfits.  However, he had clarified then that he was not anti-Hindu.
"Some say that Kamal Haasan is denigrating saffron. It is wrong. Saffron has been given its rightful place for its sacrifice, what is more, even the national flag has a place for it," he said in his column in Tamil weekly Ananda Vikatan.'

Haasan said,  "I say that saffron should, however, not spread to the entire flag. Let us give space and respect to others. It is the pledge we have taken and that is what has been mentioned in the Constitution too."

He did not name or party or organisation. He also did not refer to any specific incident or give a context or the trigger for raising the matter immediately after launching his party.

Claiming that a video had appeared on YouTube where some people were shown taking a pledge to remove the word secular from the Constitution, he asked how such a change came through in about 50 years.

"Can sacrifice (of pluralistic values) to such an extent be made for the sake of votes," Haasan said, and asked if such a thing was not worse than a war.

-- PTI
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