Court lifts gag order against Caravan
February 22, 2018  12:47
In a huge and well-deserved victory for The Caravan magazine, the Delhi High Court vacates the injunction against the February 2011 cover story on Arindam Chaudhuri and IIPM.  For a background on the what happened, read this.

Chaudhari had filed the case after the magazine published an article titled Sweet smell of success How Arindam Chaudhuri made a fortune of the aspirations and insecurities of Indias middle classes. A civil court in Silchar, Assam had granted Chaudhari a preliminary injunction, directing Caravan to remove the article in question from its website, reports the Bar & Bench.

A transfer petition filed in the Supreme Court praying that the case be shifted to the Delhi High Court was granted, and the case came up before the Bench of Justice Manmohan.

Appearing for Chaudhari in the Delhi High Court, Advocate Nishit Kush contended that the magazine carried a morphed image of Chaudhari, showing him as a magician/soothsayer with the intent to portray him as a trickster.

It was further stated that derogatory comments were made against him without any basis and with an intent to create a negative image of Chaudhari amongst the general public.

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